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Travelling Folke

A collection of poems for small folke

Gypsy Roving

I canít wait Mum

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Camp fire at night

I love it up here

All is not what it seems

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The Fairground

We are Strolling Players

We are Strolling Players

by Lesley Mellor

We strolled and wandered the highways and byways
pushing a cart which carried our costumes,
musical instruments and all that we needed
to entertain the crowds with our music and plays.

We were known as the Strolling Players
and lived and performed five centuries ago,
in a time when people did not have televisions or radios
and so we hoped to bring enjoyment into their everyday lives.

We set up the cart as a stage in the market place
or town square where the townsfolk gathered,
waiting in anticipation of lots of fun
and always we were made most welcome.

There were not just actors and musicians,
but also jugglers, acrobats and tumblers.
We performed our plays in the cart
and the musicians sang popular folk songs.

In winter it was difficult for us
with rain and snow often knee deep,
but often a kind innkeeper would give us shelter
and the town folk could still come and see us.

And so the seasons came and went, year after year,
but we did not know then
how long this tradition would last.
Do you?

    C Sydney 2011
    Lesley Mellor

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