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Travelling Folke

A collection of poems for small folke

Gypsy Roving

I can’t wait Mum

Come and Buy

Camp fire at night

I love it up here

All is not what it seems

Punch and Judy

The Fairground

We are Strolling Players

Come and Buy

by Lesley Mellor

Who will buy my pots and pans?
Look how they shine
And what about my wooden pegs
To hang your washing on the line.

I have laces and petticoats,
pretty ribbons for your hair.
This cloth would make an Easter dress
to wear to the country fair.

Let me show you this bonnet
trimmed with velvet soft and fine,
it will make you look like a princess
how I wish that it could be mine.

So come to our gypsy market
come and buy and have some fun
then join us ‘round the camp fire
when this sunshine day is done.

    C Sydney 2003
    Lesley Mellor

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