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Travelling Folke

A collection of poems for small folke

Gypsy Roving

I canít wait Mum

Come and Buy

Camp fire at night

I love it up here

All is not what it seems

Punch and Judy

The Fairground

We are Strolling Players

Camp fire at night

by Lesley Mellor

flames flicker
logs crackle
night sky
flung with stars
boys play
dogs bark
foot tapping sounds
of a violin and accordian
played by a gypsy man.

girls dancing
rattling their tambourines
in their silken skirts and shawls
all colours of the rainbow
women cook
aromatic smells
mingling with wood smoke
some clap their hands
to the rhythm of the music.

flames die down.
children fall asleep
upon their mothersí laps
the dogs are quiet
and the haunting voice
of a solitary violin
then fades.

all is still
all is well.

    C Sydney 2003
    Lesley Mellor

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