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Travelling Folke

A collection of poems for small folke

Gypsy Roving

I canít wait Mum

Come and Buy

Camp fire at night

I love it up here

All is not what it seems

Punch and Judy

The Fairground

We are Strolling Players

I can't wait mum

by Lesley Mellor

"Mum, mum, how many days
before the circus comes to town?"
"Five days my bonny girl, five days thatís all."
"oh no!" cried Jenny with a frown,
"five days, thatís five sleeps,
five, four, three, two, one
I donít think I can wait that long
Ďtil I can have such fun."
Iíve never been to the circus
just seen pictures in a book
where the man outside the big-top
shouts "roll up and take a look."
My mum said I could bring a friend
So Iíve asked my best friend Sue,
Sheís been saving up her dollars and cents
and counting her sleeps too.
Oh yes Iím so excited
got butterflies in my tum
imagining all the clowns and animals
and the booming of the big bass drum.
Todayís the day, Iíve slept my sleeps
Iím so happy, Iím so glad
I know that this is going to be
the very best day Iíve had.

    C Sydney 2003
    Lesley Mellor

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